Peggy Murray

Artist website:

Originally from California, Peggy Murray has lived in New Hampshire for more than 30 years.  She taught human development for a dozen of those years at UNH, and was a reading/writing consultant in schools around New England.  Following the adoption of a family of three from Costa Rica, Peggy took a break from teaching and took up drawing and oil painting in the studios of Adeline Goldminc-Tronzo and Michael Tronzo.  She never looked back!  These days she explores drawing and painting primarily in her studio space but also finds great pleasure in joining plein air painter pals for day and weeklong trips.  She has lent her teaching and artistic skills to nonprofit programs in the seacoast, including Oyster River Players, a children’s theater group, Arts in Reach, Art in Recovery, Art Connects NH, and The Chase Home.

Artist Statement:

I begin, always, with something that excites a response in me.  That something could be from the world or fermenting in my imagination.  I sense the possibility of cultivating a good design to express my thoughts and feelings.  My ardent wish is to make from what I see something of lasting value.

 Each painting presents a unique set of challenges.  The process of creating is an unruly task of moving from the whole to the particular and back again.  Sometimes a stroke of paint declares itself and I just have to reckon with it.  As Annie Dillard wrote: “Art is like an ill-trained Labrador retriever that drags you into traffic.”  In the end, my hope is that the work retains something of what inspired me and finds viewers similarly moved.